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a newly designed script that visually represents stuttering

about this script
Stuttering is more than just sound and can therefore not be fully expressed in the spoken language. This font complements the spoken language by showing the inaudible part of stuttering in a written form.

This script poetically reflects how people who stutter experience language: a fear of letters and a strong focus on letter sound, arising from a fear of not being able to meet the right letter sound. In this script, the stuttering sounds are the very core of a rich script.

The newly designed letters visualize clearly how letters and words feel for people who stutter. They provide insight into what stuttering is all about and allows fluent speakers to experience a (for them) new approach to language.
for the design of stotts the original latin letters have been redesigned:
The shape of the characters visualizes tightness and pressure. The form is a translation of the phonology and the corresponding letter feeling.
The silences show the activity of speaking, even if you don't hear anything. Besides, they they emphasize the length of time.
Stotts is an interactive script: letters change contextually, depending on the sound combination. This because the same letter does not always produce the same stutter.

For example, an R behind the K can soften the sound, while a vowel makes the K very sharp. Also, the last letter of a word is always fluent, even if this is a difficult letter. That's why the alphabet of Stotts contains different characters for the same letter.
This script is designed by Lot Mars

Stotts may not be reproduced, copied, published, or stored without permission.

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