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a newly designed script that visually represents stuttering

about this script
Stuttering is more than just sound and, therefore, cannot be fully expressed in spoken language. However, this inaudible part plays a major role in how stuttering manifests itself emotionally. Therefore, this newly designed script (called Stotts) aims to supplement the spoken language with a written form that represents the inaudible part.

To clarify, the script consists of newly designed glyphs that poetically reflect how people who stutter experience language. This includes a fear of letters and a strong focus on letter sound. In short, the core of this written form of stuttering is giving people insight into the complexities of stuttering but also allowing fluent speakers to experience a new approach to language.
To visualize an accurate representation of the inaudible part of stuttering, the original Latin characters have been redesigned in the following three ways:
the shape of the letters visualizes tightness and pressure. Therefore, their shape is a translation of the phonology but more so of the corresponding letter sense. This translation is extra "tangible" in the animations created.
newly designed accents visualize 'silences'. These accents show the activity of speaking even when no sound is audible and thus emphasize the importance of the inaudible representation of stuttering. In addition, they visualize the duration of speaking and incorporate the concept of time into written writing
Stotts is an interactive script. The letters change contextually, depending on the sound combination. This is because the same letter does not always produce the same stutter. For example, an R after the K can soften the sound, while a vowel can make the K sharp. In other words, Stotts is made up of newly designed letter combinations rather than single letters. This is also why the glyph set contains several different characters for the same letter.
This script is designed by
Lot Mars

Stotts may not be reproduced, copied, published, or stored without permission.

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