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a newly designed script that visually represents stuttering


this script poetically reflects how stutterers experience language.

the characters representing the stuttering that is not audible and providing insight into what stuttering is all about.


the new designed letters visualizing clearly how words and letters feel for peolpe who stutter and will be recognizable for them.

furthermore, this script makes it for fluent speakers possible to experience stuttering for

themselves. they will now better understand what people who stutter are dealing with.

l hope this brings more understanding towards the people who stutter.

by designing stotts, the orginal latin
letters are redesigned. here is how:

the shape of characters visalizes stuffiness and pressure

silences are visualized to show how someone is busy talking, even though you hear nothing

it is a interactive script: the shape of letters depends on their position.

for someone who stutter, letters influence each other. an R behind the K can soften the sound, while a vowel makes the K very sharp. this script contains out of multiple shapes for the same letter to show this difference.

it will soon be possible
to download stotts!


how it started

l am lot mars, a graphic designer.
l have the experiences of stuttering.

back then, it frustrated me how the spoken part of stuttering doesn't contain the entire feeling of stuttering.

l believe language and especially stuttering can be very visual. during my graduation in graphic design l decided to show stuttering in a completely different way than has been done so far.

this script is designed by lot mars



stotts may not be reproduced, copied, published, or stored without the permission of the designer.

l am available for collaborations.